Watch Harry Potter
Watch Harry Potter

Watch Harry Potter

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True story: The night before Dirty Kanza 200 I was in a shitty motel in Emporia Kansas with a buddy. It just so happened to be an ABC Family Harry Potter movie marathon weekend. We faced a tough choice, wake up at 4:45 to line up for a 200 mile-long paid event or stay in our motel and watch every Harry Potter movie made. Stupidly, we woke up, pedalled three miles to the start and sat in the drizzle for the gun. We then proceeded to ride in mud for a solid twelve hours. At one point, before a particular stretch of mud, I saw Barry Wicks on the back of an ATV pulling out of the race. All I could think of was Dumbledore drinking the Emerald Potion in The Half-Blood Prince. You know the scene where he has to drink the bowl of poison knowing it would weaken him so that Harry could get the Horcrux? I trudged on another 50 miles only to have a sidewall cut ruin my second DT attempt at mile 137. Even worse, I was in the best shape of my life. sort of like if they just killed Ron, Harry and Hermione to end the movies. Thus, capping off one of the worst days on the bike I can remember. The moral of the story? Bikes are dumb. When presented with the option, always watch Harry Potter.

- Print on front and right sleeve.
- Black Bella-Canvas base tee. 
- Super soft 100% Cotton Tee's
- Ships from Rochester, NY starting 5/4
- Waterbased Printing 
- Tagless